Svelte in Style: Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight

How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight

This e-book is about looking and feeling great and the enormous difference both those things can make to your emotional state and your success in losing weight. This book came about because both authors had met and worked with many women who would like to

Do you:

Put off buying clothes until you lose weight?
Feel that losing weight is a constant battle?
Feel that it’s not worth spending money on looking good until you’re at your goal weight?
Have no idea what to buy because you don’t know how to dress your changing body shape?
Feel that you’ve lost your style and want to get it back?

Yes you’re committed to losing some weight. Maybe it’s a little, or maybe it’s a lot. You know it’s important for your health but you don’t feel great as you’ve lost your style and your no longer sure how to dress your body. We have the answers for you in Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight.

Inside you’ll discover:

Why the process of losing weight seems so hard , and how you can make it much easier
The importance of style and body image messages, and how to tune out the ones you don’t want
Perspective- and life-changing activities that will shift you how you think and feel about your body
Why it’s so important to feel great while you’re losing weight
The critical part that ongoing self care plays in the success of your weight loss journey
The impact that body image has on your weight loss journey, and your ultimate success or failure in losing the weight
Why looking good is so important while you are losing weight (it’s not just superficial!)
Why so many women on a weight loss journey don’t look and feel as good as they should, and can
How to identify your body shape, body proportions and best colours to flatter your unique silhouette, even as you lose weight
The secret weapon that understanding scale is, and how to create a longer leaner look
Your unique personality and how to dress to express it
The importance of fabric and volume to create an attractive silhouette, at any size
Why accessories are your best friend when dressing on a weight loss journey
How to make the most of the wardrobe you have, and the wardrobe you’ll need, on your weight loss journey
What a capsule wardrobe is and why you need to be creating capsules
What and how to buy while you’re losing weight, including shopping on a budget
How to look great in photos

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